Make Every Client Your Best Client

At Evolve Money Coaching, we help our clients transform their lives by analyzing how they spend and save money. With our coaching, clients develop a customized process for managing income and controlling expenses. We establish a strong foundation of effective habits along with a simple budgeting approach to help them achieve both their short- and long-term savings and investing goals.

As a Financial Advisor in a previous life, Casey knows how much time can be spent helping clients with their day-to-day financial needs (learning where the money is going, budgeting, paying bills, and reducing debt, to name a few). She also knows that may not be your favorite part of your job.

Casey digs into every dollar of a person’s spending and teaches them how to manage their money in a more fulfilling way. Clients become better stewards of their own money which means they are more engaged in saving for their future, resulting in a better client for you!


When your client needs a financial coach…

  • Your client cannot answer the question “How much do you spend on (groceries, dining out, gifts, etc.)?”;

  • They avoid tough money conversations and ask you to make decisions for them;

  • They take premature distributions or unplanned withdrawals from retirement and other investments;

  • They make low or no contributions to savings, investments, or retirement relative to income;

  • They receive a windfall of money (bonus, raise, tax refund, gift, etc.) and you never see it;

  • Credit card and/or student loans are holding them back from reaching their savings goals;

  • They have a life change coming up which will dramatically alter their lifestyle - marriage, having a baby, divorce, etc.; or

  • They can’t seem to get out of their own way to make financial progress.


Benefits of partnering with Casey…

  • Increased assets under management;

  • Higher conversion and close rate;

  • Increased engagement by clients for their financial future;

  • Reduced expenses for clients which means more money to invest;

  • Unbiased support and reinforcement of your advice to your clients;

  • A place to send prospects who may not be ready for investing just yet;

  • Partner with a business with a proven record of success who you can trust;

  • Deepen your network of referral partners to have more resources for your clients; and

  • Educational seminars and presentations for your clients and prospects.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with Casey and Evolve Money Coaching, call today at 207.317.9600